“I miss those days I spent at AMS, so I always visit it when I have a chance”

AMS Alumnus-

AMS High School is an outstanding experience in individualized academic excellence. We focus on developing the skills of critical thinking. Our high school teachers require students to use their reasoning skills and to be active learners rather than passive recipients of information.

We train our students to actively question ideas and assumptions rather than accepting them as true and genuine without being questioned or doubted. Students are asked to understand, analyze, and evaluate ideas, arguments, findings, and the entire picture .Our final target is to build independent thinkers.

On the other hand, we provide students with a safe and diverse learning environment. Within classroom, we provide our students with a variety of ways from project-based learning to online and paper exams to demonstrate their learning. We also recognize the importance of technology. Every student has the necessary electronic devices at their fingertips all the time, enabling them to integrate the use of technology into their learning experience.

We believe in a strong-home relationship built on a foundation of partnership and effective two-way communication with parents. Our doors, phone lines, and inboxes are always open, and we welcome any opportunity to strengthen this bond.