Why AMS is the best?

Alamiya Modern School, the First International School in Benha, offers a broad and balanced educational approach supported by a wide range of co-curricular activities which equip all students with the skills they need in all subject areas. AMS uses American curriculum which is based on high standards of achievement. As a result, AMS students are not only accepted in all Egyptian Universities, but also by most universities around the world.

AMS provides a dynamic, student-centered, and 21st century global goals. Our school is characterized by high achievement, engaged learners, mutual respect, shared knowledge, collaborative learning, continuous improvement, and tangible results.

AMS is authorized by Cogina, which is the largest education improvement organization in the world. Cognia has clear goals, visible accomplishments, guiding the pursuit of excellence, meaningful performance standards, and policies that meet with our unique objectives to have leaders for future.

AMS visibly and substantively improves the community and adapts quickly to social change. AMS uses all the resources, advantages, gifts, and opportunities to grow students. Our education helps students reach the highest academic standards to excel in the next chapter of life. In addition to rigorous academics, we ensure students gain a well-rounded education in athletics and arts.